Welcome to Keyboard Shortcuts Week!

It’s our very first theme week here at The Empowered User! To mark this historic moment, we’re going to get back to basics with the simplest form of automation: keyboard shortcuts.

Yes this is automation. Hitting Command+C is automating the action of moving your cursor to the Edit menu, clicking on it, scrolling down to “Copy” and clicking again. You replaced multiple steps with one.

You’re an automator and you probably didn’t know it. Let’s run with it and see where it takes us.

This week is going to be a progressive journey. We’ll begin with learning the modifier symbols and getting started with the four most basic, use-them-every-day-eighty-times, can’t live without ’em shortcuts and ending with you actually changing how your keyboard works.


What is a Keyboard Shortcut?

By pressing one or more modifier keys (command(⌘), shift(⇧), option(⌥) or control(⌃) along with another key, you can execute commands.

If you know a shortcut, it is always faster to use it.

Why Are They Important?

Beyond the quantifiable benefit of doing things faster, you receive an intangible benefit of removing distraction.

Momentarily taking focus off your train of thought to manually create a new PowerPoint slide, or searching through format menus in pages for the correct item to create a numbered list, pulls your focus from the job at hand. It adds impediments and distractions, and you don’t need those in your life.

As always, the journey of the Empowered User is about eliminating as much distraction and undue expenditure of mental energy as possible so that you focus entirely on doing the work you care about.

Moving Forward

This week will start slow with a few things you probably already knew, move onto methods of completely changing the way you interact with your desktop, and then empower you to give yourself tools that developers didn’t opt to include.

If you’re ready start now with Day 1: Learn the Symbols ➡︎