nvALT – Up and Running in 5 Minutes

A lot (all) of the software I talk about on this site is useful. Life changingly so? Maybe. But in many cases, they represent a slight departure from comfort-first ethic most people are used to. A wee bit of hand holding is sometimes all it takes and this series is just what’s needed.

The Up and Running in 5 Minutes tutorial series will take any app and get you to the point of competency. In 5 minutes(ish) you’ll learn not only why an app is so useful, but also how to access its most useful features immediately.

For the innagural video, I’ve chose nvALT which you may have seen in the My Apps and Utilities page.

What is nvALT?

Note apps like Bear, Evernote, OneNote and all the others are great at what they do, but their robust, full featured nature can sometimes get in the way of what you want: Your notes.

nvALT from Brett Terpstra is lightning quick, feather-light, and a joy to use. No matter where you are, summon it with a global hotkey, start typing and find the note your want almost instantly. Glean what information you need and then dismiss it.

No tripping over the flowery UI billion-dollar tech companies so lovingly provide for you, just pure information bliss.

Download the App: brettterpstra.com/projects/nvalt


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