Checking Hella Radio Buttons

The Task

I needed to check two radio buttons in everyone’s profile. These would add them as having marked “Yes” to a couple of mailing lists.

This was no problem for all the contacts for whom we had emails. That was just a matter of doing an import. Unfortuneately,about half our contacts are just names, and we’re working to track them down. This means that the bulk upload solution wouldn’t work for the half for which we didn’t have emails.

The Tedium

The update would need to happen manually. CiviCRM let’s you update multiple contacts on a single screen, so I created an update view containing just the two data fields I wanted.

With the “Update Contacts Screen” in front of me, it would just be a matter of checking “Yes” like 400 times. Not cool.

The Macro

Thankfully this is as straightforward a problem as they come. Really it’s just a matter of repeating Tab to move to a new field and Space to select “Yes”. So…I just made a macro that does exactly that.

In Action